Gillette and Gilittey

So I went to the convenient store and asked for a blue Gillette, and got this instead. No, I don’t care about fake versus original. If anybody can get filthy rich by selling shits, they can pay me to change my faith. The problem is, this thing was painful to use.

So, where am I going with this? Nowhere.

rather similar

rather similar

Left: Gilittey, right: Gillette

Left: Gilittey, right: Gillette

The Gilittey is on the left. Look at the blades, those are painful.

The Gilittey is on the left. Look at the blades, those are painful.

The packagings for both were similar, I won't blame the teller.

The packagings for both were similar, I won’t blame the teller.

which one is which?

which one is which?

same typeface

same typeface


In the Middle pt.32

It was a small place, like a center of a town in some old cowboy movies. A town which is consisted of scattered houses, standing miles away from each other, empty, with one or two bodies around them, basking under the sun, wet with sweat, grinded under the chores of life, with every movement, striving to assert their existence. I was half hoping that it was not for naught. I was half joking. I sensed sarcasm within my own thoughts. At the town center however, old wooden houses and stores gathered. I wasn’t sure if it was the remnant of what it was, or whether it was how it had always been. I heard stories of decay from people along the way, from other parts of the region. I was expecting the same pattern, augmented.

The notoriety of the places that we would visit usually reached us with every question that we had asked. It would be a lie to say that our heads weren’t filled with assumptions. We came in from a corner, with the riders, stopped right in the middle of an opening surrounded by those wooden buildings. They might as well served us on a stake to be butchered by some of those red eyed men in the coffee shops. It was a hot midday; I wasn’t feeling particularly happy about everything. We had encountered some sharks at the station and at the market in the nearby town. People with the insatiable urge to eat others. Not that it surprised or dismayed me; it’s just that it was bluntly expressed.

After multitudes of rejections, we began to lose our temper. The merchants, the government officials, workers, people, they hate questions, questions that might tickle the life as they know it. And then there was the bargain with the thugs… I swore a lot, I could’ve hurt someone. A hot day, filled with unfriendly faces, we had a uselessly lengthy argument, in front of a store, with the riders regarding their payment. A woman chimed in with her own version of wisdom, saying in the local dialect, that we were extorting the riders, and that they should be able to get more, since we were apparently there on a project. From the perspective of an ordinary Indonesian, project means money. Money means leakage. Lots and lots of it. Her voice was loud and irritating.

The crowd gathered, old men, bulky men, children, nosy women, it was infuriating. We exchanged heated words, the pressure escalated. We decided to silence them by giving them the chance to gain more by doing additional tasks for us. It was difficult to be in the middle, it was difficult to be someone who understood both perspectives while both sides were accusing each other. It was difficult to see, that in the end, we were all rats. We left the crowd. I walked to find the rendezvous point, through the clearing towards a row of food sellers, with quickened phase. Around us eyes staring. I looked straight towards their direction, murmured through my gritted teeth: “come and eat us, muttheads! We’re here for the ripples on your sullied river of gold.”

about the administration and self preservation.

Yesterday, May 8, 2013, the rain poured down on to the entirety of the city where I live in. It was a whole day affair, and unlike fortunes, it affects each and every one of city dwellers, big and small.


In such circumstance, automatically, the thought of flood… well, flood in. And yesterday it was quite extraordinary. When I went home from work, I saw that some parts of the roads that weren’t really prone to flood – which is a rarity by itself – were flooded. The condition of the roads, which under day light would look like the remnants of artillery bombardment, made the situation even more dire for commuters.


But there’s just no slot anymore to talk about the remnants of the artillery bombardment. And I sincerely doubt that there is any slot left at the back of our mind to talk about the flood. Nevertheless, in the spirit of venting, we have to vomit sometimes.


I vaguely recall that I talked to some people, who are regular travelers, about Jakarta and how Pontianak has become, more or less, similar to it. Indeed, but if Jakarta is like a print-job produced by a lousy printer, Pontianak is more like the copy of that print-job produced by a lousy refurbished copier machine.


I also asked them, what will the town’s interior look like in, say, 5 years or a decade to come. The general answer is, it will get worse. These people that I casually questioned are students, professionals, and business owners. None of them were civil servants, it’s quite interesting to see the dynamic in the level of confidence about the town’s future.


The town’s future… such a farfetched pile of stupendous words.


One aspect of my work requires me to accompany researchers (yes, those researchers are foreigners, just to amplify the point) to go to various governments offices and see some people there, people that I just couldn’t care less about. Now, I may have some strong opinion about certain issues around me, but when I’m working, I dress like one of them to enhance the sense of neutrality that we should represent.


It helped them to talk cordially, knowing that I’ll laugh together with them, not at them.


The results, were always eye openers.


Sometimes it is easy to pinpoint corruption as the backbone of the problems and ignorance we have around us, sometimes it is as jumbled up as the complications of ignorance, stupidity, culture, lack of facilities and knowledge, interests, lack of archiving, suspicions, twisted logic on the perception about what should be placed as priorities, and other spices that add to the toxic nature of the concoction that we have been drinking to drunk ourselves.


And we have been sleeping soundly with the occasional heavy cases of hangover. If ever we are sober, we would spend the time spitting on each other’s face.


After some tour to the offices and the governments installations, I only have this to say, to count on the administration to fix problems for us is like talking to an atheist about revelation, the act itself is utterly laughable.


It is only us now, alone, preserving ourselves, be it by ways of virtue or vice.

blackenedgreen, the samples…

I was distributing copies of handouts to a bunch of college students, then one of them suddenly retorted “but sir, it’s not good to use so many papers, it’s not good for our rain forest, you are promoting such bad attitude doing this.”


Have you seen the smog lately? I bet you have, but do you pay any attention to this phenomenon? I honestly doubt it. I’m not trying to insinuate that you are such an ignorant person, it’s just, like most of us, life takes the better of our mind away form the things that might be substantially important to us towards the things that we assume to be substantially important.

Money is important, but it can’t buy clean air, please do correct me if I’m wrong…..

OK, let me correct myself, we can buy cars with spacious and comfortable cabin, so we don’t have to breathe any filth when we are commuting. We can isolate every air intakes in and around our house, install air purifiers and air conditioners, and do everything through the interweb. And when everything is bad enough, we can take a hike on that airplane to some places more “humane.”

James Carville wasn’t kidding when he coined the phrase “the economy, stupid.” Well, he might have, but everything we do today is based on one single motif: the economy. And when we talk about economy, there’s no telling where’s the limit might be, I don’t think the sky is even enough.

So, no, I don’t think I am promoting anything. See those humongous billboards out there? Motorcycle’s producers are competing for breakthroughs in sales statistics. Just take your papers and read.

we’re screwed.

First of all, I’d like to re-convey the dubious fact that is sometimes condemned as heresy: we have been bred by none other than our fellow human being to be cultivated for our heart and soul, and the most intriguing part of it is that we have to pay with our heart and soul (which, in essence, belongs to them anyway) for every “effort” that they have done (“done” is the term in the contract, that is sometimes refer to the condition of pre-intention, if they care) to us.

Well, that certainly was a mouthful for such meaningless gibberish.

But here’s the simple list to bug the heart of anybody that is foolish enough to be sensitive:

– healthcare.

– medicine (obviously)

– domination of foodstuff and who to decide what to plant, to breed and the fact that no, dear farmers, you are not allowed to invent potion, if you do, we’ll take that from you thank you very much, file for patents for the entire part of the trash you’ve made, and sue your ass off the earth.

– emancipation of… humanity, go ahead slit my throat feminist, but ignorance is not exclusively yours to claim. We have so many movements these days, ranging from pro-Bono airheads to animal lovers, labor unions to share holder unions. The fact is, we hate each other, and we produced reactions. Each claimed to be civilized.

– thugs in high places feeling high and mighty, unchecked… while they are toying with toys, and the collateral damage that would sub-include, guess who: us.

– decadence wrapped in plastic case, with intricate designs on the package, backed by sophisticated marketing management, spans over the entire continents… and oceans while we’re at it.

– and some other things that I just can’t recall…

Nevermind, just remember that ignorance is bliss, so that you can sleep tonight, because your freedom only worth so much as your dependance toward the mercy of those bittersweet candies…

This is the (perceived) end.

T’was a morning, like any other, I was under the assumption that I was going to die. It had been fun, years before. Stylish, even, to have such thoughts. But recently the feeling has been quite real… and there’s nothing funny at all about reality, save for the puns that we distilled from it… insanely.

I was within myself, and that has never been too good.

So I fixed myself some hot milk and got out of the house to face the elements, to the dismay of my inner system. Fear pressed in and I was contemplating a turn to surrender.

But when I looked up to see the road that I would have left, I saw faces, worn out, some were weary of life, young and old alike, walked towards me, seemingly fueled by the morning’s passion.

I never really like people, my hatred towards the evil within them outweigh my understanding of myself.

But the sun was reflected upon their faces, their movement, the energy to fulfill whatever reasons of existence they might perceived and assumed, burned something in me.

Such an ungrateful bastard I have been.

Still, God has created me, if only I perfectly understand how to live…


About Indonesia’s Family Planning Program: Once Boasted Now Utterly Forgotten

Do I believe in love? Why… Indeed I believe in it! As much as I believe in Santa, Aslan, Gandalf, flying carpet, flying keris, flying sarong, flying Peter… Pan, and anything else that flies without the proper mechanism (wind, aerodynamic, propulsion and so on).

The problem, as some would say, is that I know perfectly well, that there was never an atom of Pan that existed in the flesh, not even on the latest movie release with all the enjoyable illusions and so forth. Mind this well romance and fantasy lovers, I never said I don’t believe them, I just know that they don’t exist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t have fun out of it.

Surely they are merely fragments of our imagination (or their respective authors to be exact). And what a wonderful thing imagination is, limitations are utterly futile.

And about those kiss-kiss, “bang-bang” that you’ve just displayed in front of me? We’re talking hormones here, automatically triggered genetical function to reproduce if you like. Or better yet, wanton sexual cravings for whatever psychological reasons. And as the wont of humanity in the difficult learning process, we seek reasoning to it (albeit our tendency to pick the unreasonable ones), and we call it love.

Then symbols sprouted – valentines, chocolates, heart shaped thingies, books, magazines, music, movies, you name it – retailers stalking some steps behind – never more than three steps at the most – and somewhere in a fancy office building, your love becomes nothing more than sales projection on some colorful charts.

– Blackenedgreen –

I suppose we have learned and quite often at that, one of the basic rules of economy: that mother earth can not sustain unchecked population growth, there should be reasonable limit to it for human to live their life in a relatively fullfilling manner.
new year's crowd
I can’t really recall when have I had that class… sometimes between junior and senior high school, both – according to the ever debatable, ever notorious Indonesia’s national education system – are regarded as basic level of education that every children of the nation should enjoy.

Which means, the concept about the limitation of Earth’s resources and the availability of space against unchecked growth of population and the devastating impact that it has on economy, should have been a basic knowledge obtained by our students since they should have been, well… basic.

This concept I deem is one of the root that people in power should hold when they should talk about solving this nation’s abundant problems, social, economy, legal, politic, even the innate ones such as the recently buggered moral and ethic.

But alas, Indonesian people of power are the people who are substantially incapable of wielding such power, the result of too many political bargains, plus their inability to admit their hopelesness, unlike some of their counterparts in Japan or Europe (no sterile environment themselves).

So the recently revived dialog about family planning on Metro TV wouldn’t have any effect, not even as much as a fart. And another news oriented TV station wouldn’t even bother about it, population is the only means to make gains on huge capitals, stories should go hand in hand with the politics of the owner of the respective TV station. Don’t get me wrong, I despise Metro TV for the same reason.

But alas when they “elevated” the issue of family planning, saying that free-wheeling-baby-making (my term) could be the bane for this nation’s existence in years to come, and also about how refocusing on family planning could help us ease some burden like food, jobs, resources (indeed the hillarious yet horrible tale of 3 kilos LPG packages), distribution of wealth (in my dream) and ultimately public facilities like roads and transports, it raises a question, what had happened with the family planning program?
amid the speed
Right, the present administration already have tons of baggage (their term) to deal with, but it’s their duty to deal with such issues (they’re the government for God’s sake), and by the look of it, it seems that they have been carrying the wrong baggage all this time.
Building more roads is the sollution to the unsolvable traffic problems? Building “better” roads is the more viable sollution, which has been made impossible by the culture of project sharing between the winners of election and their so called success team. Dare to talk green? Try to top the sales cap projection of motor and car dealers, thousands of vehicles per month, and we haven’t got to the point of how this particular sector has created jobs for large amount of universities graduates ever dreaming for those ever comfy, ever limited, ever shady civil servant positions.
parking lot
Actually there are so many absurd problem solving “acts” made by the government, mixed with absurd minds, and absurdly obvious reasons, that the people can clearly see but can’t seems to touch.
So the fall from grace of this wonderfull program in Indonesia – which has been exacted quite severely by China upon her own people, and lo! a success story – is no strange tale, it’s just politic.

Yet if we digress from all the negative thoughts – seems to be the only thing that we have in our mind lately – if we take family planning program to the center stage, behind it we’re going to see a more managable education system, which is essential if ever we want to talk about civilization, and ultimately the kind of education tailored in such ways that would easily relatable to our traits as a nation, not merely imported ones, which have been nothing but commodity in the hands of local franchisers and retailers (generalization folks! Don’t take it personally, I would have to say that there are still people of pure hearts out there… right).

And when I mentioned education, I am not talking formal schools per se, or any other kind of schools as institution built by funds from any party, I am also talking about the knowledge of humanity, the bitter lessons that should be learned the hard way, the ones that have always existed in the so called local wisdom, that human is not the center of the universe, once they start to think that way it becomes the cause of self inflicted destruction. True, perhaps, that presently you can hide behind your cars, huge houses and insurance, but on this round world the tide would go nowhere but on the surface.

Unless of course we can move and live in any other planet.
Sons and daughters, before you have the babies sprouted, please, I beg of you, by the love of King Julien, think!

Now, where’s the coffee?

About the assumption of truth, human owned: a sample

I wrote it twice or thrice before, and I’ll write it once again: there are about 6 trillion people roaming the surface of the earth, assuming that each and everyone of them is capable of thoughts, then there should be about 6 trillion version of truth.

In such environment determination on conviction is a good thing, at least if the only thing that you want to prove is the very fact that you are a man with an active humongous penis, an utmost importance in some “culture.”

But by all means, to be human we need perspectives, fragmentation and localization of thoughts would only bring itches. Inflexibility is one thing, but being so self absorbed within our own head, dragging other people in to our own stream of truth is like telling that every one that believes in differences should just die and be wiped off from the surface of the earth (Mars or Jupiter’s moon, Europa, habitable yet?).

These people are capable to the kind of thought where they assume that they can own other people in certain ways (“my people” or “people I know” syndrome), while one of the recognizable trait is the declaration: “my truth or none at all.” They exacted double standards, while completely oblivious to the fact of it!

They could own certain specification, not necessarily better, and in most cases, far from “virtuosity” but under the pretense that they are the best among the flock they demand “perfection” from others! And they put a blind eye to other people’s capabilities as irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what others are capable of, what matter is if others can do what he or she can do, or what she or he wants other people to do.

It is so easy for these people to focus or dwell within their own acts, giving the impression of studious diligence (they usually are, though one would wonder about the dubious results), and they usually would overlook the bigger picture while within their state of mind they are the master of the known universe (since what unknown is irrelevant).

They would also easily overlook their own weaknesses and casually put it out of consideration, and recognize other people’s weaknesses as utterly incomprehensible. They are bosses, never leaders. Would easily conduct casual conversations and drive it to their own whim. They talk to you, it’s a wonder if they ever listen. Utter pragmatists, they pick their own universe and throw anything else that do not corespond with it.

Thanks to their conviction, words of warn are usually useless, they would have surprising amount of arguments within their own arsenal or reasonings, easily repell any words and even fire it back. Read one book, do some deeds, and they would talk and act like they have walked the road somewhere over the Milkyway and beyond.

Usually in possession of huge amount of energy, one would wonder if they ever breakdown. The energy would be spent in strange ways, defying common sense. With it they move here and there, it’s exhausting just to see the prosession.

Nosy people, annoying to say the least. They could make good machinery though… (and please, by the love of Tom… and Jerry while we’re at it, I am not writing about religion related issue in particular).

Mengenai Hal-hal di Balik Iklan dan Penjualan


Salah satu komoditas ekspor utama Brazil adalah “feeding-stuf for animals” artinya Brazil menyediakan bahan makanan bagi ternak-ternak sehat di bagian lain dunia terutama Eropa. Ternak-ternak itu kemudian menyediakan bahan pangan berupa daging bagi masyarakat Eropa sendiri, maupun di ekspor lagi ke bagian lain dunia dan dijual dengan status eksklusif, artinya hanya sebagian dari masyarakat negara “hectic” seperti Indonesia yang mempunyai akses untuk mengkonsumsi daging tersebut.

Ada masalah? Kenapa harus ada masalah?

Beberapa waktu lalu saya melihat iklan sebuah produk makanan di TV, berbahan utama daging, para bintang iklan muncul di TV memegang produk tersebut, bertingkah laku dan menyorotkan ekspresi seakan-akan produk yang ada di tangan mereka tersebut adalah ambrosia, atau mother of pearl, atau apalah yang bisa membuat mata Paman Gober bersinar-sinar. Salah satu bintang iklan wanita bahkan bertingkah seakan-akan dalam beberapa detik lagi dia akan melakukan oral seks terhadap produk tersebut (bicara tentang produk-produk multi fungsi yang dipasarkan oleh “new wave marketing companies” dimana tidak ada satupun dari ke-multi-an itu yang “berfungsi” inti dari pesannya sederhana dan langsung: “telepon bla, bla, bla dan dapatkan diskon dengan membayar sembilan ratus sembilan puluh sembilan koma sembilan sembilan sembilan…)

Kembali ke produk daging tadi. Dalam iklan tentu saja ada tag-lines, dan dalam pertelevisian Indonesia tag-line nya tidak jauh-jauh dari “belilah!” tentu saja, karena itu merupakan point utama, kenapa anda sebagai pengusaha, memanfaatkan sarana iklan. Tapi lakukanlah sedikit riset sebelum anda tenggelam dalam “kemurahan” saya tahu nilai Bahasa Indonesia rakyat kita di sekolah-sekolah tidak terlalu bagus (bahkan buruk) tapi rakyat tidak sedemikian bodoh, mereka dibodoh-bodohi, dan para pengusaha (dan para kreator iklan) membodohi diri mereka sendiri dengan alasan menyesuaikan dengan pangsa pasar yang disasar.

“praktis! Langsung leb!”
“kita harus meningkatkan konsumsi daging…” (bagian dari edukasinya)
kemudian mereka menari-nari dengan latar belakang lagu tradisi yang dimodifikasi (banyak lagu tradisi yang dimodifikasi untuk iklan… apa kaitannya dengan kreatifitas?) dan iklan ini muncul segera setelah berita tentang warga di Jawa Barat yang tidak mampu memenuhi kebutuhan pangannya sehari-hari.

Memang para pengusaha sudah menggunakan istilah “mengedukasi” masyarakat. Tapi “edukasi” terbatas terkait produknya “produk ini bisa dibeli, harus dibeli karena bla, bla, bla… maka belilah!” Tidak ada perubahan cara berpikir kearah yang lebih baik, saya curiga ini dikarenakan tidak ada pengusaha maupun kreator iklan yang sebagian para sarjana itu mempunyai kemampuan untuk hal ini.

Dan ini bukan masalah pendidikan formal, saya pernah bertemu pengusaha yang tidak lulus pendidikan dasar namun mampu menyertakan “filosofi” yang “elegan” terhadap produknya.

Kemampuan mengumpulkan uang adalah satu hal, kemampuan berbagi pencerahan adalah hal lain, dan hati-hati tentang makna “pencerahan” di sini, saya tidak bermaksud seminar.


Di Brazil sendiri yang terjadi adalah hutan yang dipangkas habis untuk menyediakan lahan bagi produk ekspor yang memberikan pendapatan yang cukup besar bagi pemerintah, masyarakat terlunta-lunta kesana kemari, kehidupan sosial budaya yang musnah sekejap mata, mereka harus berkorban untuk menggemukkan ternak-ternak di Eropa.

Tidak lama lagi Amazon hanya bisa ditemukan di buku cerita anak.

Hal yang sama terjadi di Kalimantan… uprooted people.

Jepang memuji diri karena berhasil mempertahankan persentase hutan hujan. Hutan industrinya bahkan belum diolah secara maksimal… itu semua karena mereka memperoleh kayu dari Indonesia yang sudah gundul.

Jika ada yang menentang maka mereka menjadi musuh dari pembangunan, dianggap sebagai manusia-manusia naif yang menghambat kemajuan perekonomian, dan dengan dalih ini mereka malah dijadikan musuh rakyat. Konsekuensinya… darah secara literal.

Terdengar kasar, pasaran dan provokatif? Karena demikianlah bahasa di lapangan, anda yang berada di dalam kampus atau sekertariat kamar dagang, atau yang sehari-hari berkostum Arrow mungkin sudah terbiasa dengan bahasa yang beradab, disini anda bisa mendengar rakyat dan staf perkebunan bicara pahit. Sebagian hanya ekspresi kemarahan, sampai anda melihat bapak-bapak berdiam diri, senyum-senyum sendiri sambil merokok, dan anda mulai berpikir “ini serius?”


Pada industri tekstil, bagi anda penggemar jeans belel (jeans “belel” yang “baru”! Halah!) Di pabrik, jeans-jeans tersebut dibuat sebagaimana jeans biasa, kemudian di-belel-kan dengan bergalon-galon bahan kimia untuk menghasilkan jeans yang digemari anak-anak muda dan avantgarde fashionista. Masalahnya sebagian pabrik, terutama yang berada di Asia masih menganggap manajemen limbah sebagai suatu topik pembicaraan yang memusingkan kalau tidak bisa menggunakan istilah “tidak penting.”

Semuanya harus kedengaran trendy dan modis, sampai seseorang menunjukkan foto-foto sungai dan muara ke laut dengan air yang berwarna-warni.

Pemecahan dari masalah ini sangat sederhana: anda mau jeans belel? Bawa jeans lama anda ke jasa permak, atau beli jeans bekas di pasar loak. Saat ini, dimana “going green” menjadi isu yang seksi, tidak ada orang “sophisticated” yang akan mencemooh anda hanya gara melihat mobil anda belok ke pasar loak, mereka malu disebut tidak “in.”

Pemecahan masalah daging di atas? Pastikan anda mengkonsumsi produk segar dari produsen lokal (selokal mungkin), kalaupun ada kerugian ekosistem, toh masih di bagian dunia yang sama… Tapi serius, anda bisa melakukan riset kecil mengenai hal ini, demi Tuhan (atau apapun yang anda sembah)! Kita punya internet! Dan jalan-jalan ke tempat-tempat becek dan bau sapi bisa menjadi pengalaman yang jauh lebih meng-kaya-kan daripada terkapar di Bali atau Lombok.

Anda merasa sebagai bagian dari masyarakat modern? Maka berpikirlah demikian, ini bukan mengenai internet, blackberry, i-pad, atau retractable headlamp pada Mercedes Benz terbaru (kita tahu sendiri darimana asal inovasi-inovasi pada mobil-mobil yang relatif mahal itu), ini mengenai pemahaman, dan kesadaran menyeluruh tantang apa yang sedang terjadi di bumi.

Setidaknya keinginan untuk menyadari… yang penting niat, bukan begitu?

Mari sekarang kita kembali fokus ke usaha menjadi kaya dan melupakan semua omong kosong saya diatas.

Mengenai Pendaftaran Merek

Saya berencana untuk mendaftarkan merk ke DepHumKam (di daerah), saya sedang bertapa untuk mendapatkan inspirasi merek itu sendiri (selalu saja sudah ada yang punya), jenis produk yang akan saya masukkan kedalamnya (sudah ada satu, tapi sayang slot yang lain), dan terutama diberikan kesabaran untuk mengurus segala administrasi dan berhadapan dengan orang-orang yang berada di dalam kantor tersebut (setiap mendengar istilah “pelayanan masyarakat” saya malah menjadi sakit perut dan menggigil dan kehilangan mood untuk melakukan apapun!).

Saya akan mencoba mendaftarkan sendiri, walaupun banyak yang menyarankan untuk menggunakan jasa konsultan merk, yang sekali lagi mengkonfirmasi fakta bahwa subjek hukum di Indonesia “tidak” bersamaan kedudukannya di depan hukum.

Kenyataanya hal ini berlaku universal, tidak hanya di Indonesia saja.

Banyak alasan yang dipergunakan para konsultan kenapa si calon pemilik merek harus menggunakan jasa mereka, diantaranya:

-ketidakpahaman si calon pemilik merek atas hukum merek (saya lebih memilih istilah aturan main),

-kemampuan para konsultan untuk memastikan bahwa proses pendaftaran sampai sertifikasi berjalan setidaknya tidak terlalu jauh dari batas waktu yang ditentukan oleh Undang-Undang,

-menghindari pengeluaran yang tidak perlu (nah!)

-dan bonus paket litigasi (saya curiga mereka sangat mengharapkan terjadinya litigasi, pada saat wajah kita mengkerut, mereka sumringah, namanya juga cari duit… karena itulah di Amerika pengacara disebut sebagai penghisap darah, di Indonesia dipuja-puja karena bling-bling!)

Setidaknya situs kantor konsultan merek di Amerika lebih jujur (atau lebih menyenangkan dan deceptive?) mereka menggarisbawahi poin “njelimetnya” hukum dan administrasi merek, ketimbang serta merta memvonis bahwa masyarakat tidak tahu hukum seperti yang umumnya dilakukan konsultan merek di Indonesia. Masyarakat mungkin memang tidak tahu hukum, tapi itu sama sekali bukan kesalahan mereka… tidak pernah menjadi kesalahan mereka.

Dan jangan heran jika anda menemukan praktisi hukum yang tidak bisa membedakan antara merek dengan paten (dan hal-hal mendasar lainnya)… dongkol memang bicara dengan orang-orang seperti ini, tapi itu hal biasa, dan membuat saya sekilas teringat dengan ijasah SH saya yang tidak terpakai itu. Di sudut negeri ini, selalu ada alasan untuk tersenyum…