Random Sightings

By the sea, there was a green pasture of joy, and the hills that separated the grass from the mighty dark water, stood tall to boast the proof of endurance to anyone who are drawn to gaze upon its magnificence. On top of it, under the grim cloud and the proud blue sky, the children were running with joy and the care of the most inconsiderate of gods. Mothers were watching while spreading the freshly washed tunic under the constant promise of the sun. Fathers were mending their nets, collecting woods and laughing among other trades.

Yonder, slightly beyond the caress of the trees, I saw a man, bare chested, with a muddy colored fabric covering his waist down to his feet, and a double edged sword hovering, pointing towards his back. He seemed to be young but at the same time old. He seemed to be tired, but when I looked closer, I could see the heaving movement of energy within his chest. He seemed to be skinny and small at first, but when I looked on, I could sense an utter and complete intimidation, although somehow I knew, he won’t harm me. I couldn’t really recall the hair though, I think it’s of the color of the ashes. I dare say that it was constantly changing, but it might as well just the wind.

It was an unnatural sight by any means, I didn’t understand what I see. When I saw absentmindedness registered upon the enigmatic face, I made up my mind to turn around and bring this to the attention of my people. More thoughts might provide better judgment. Alas, before I could shout a word, a young boy, sprang out of the man, literally, like a wild deer came out of a thick fog. Burnt straight hair, burnt red skin, with a fiery brown eyes, and the sweet sour scent of youth, observing the proceeding beyond him and exclaimed: “I wanna play!”

It was the day when Matti, the man of a thousand souls, laughed among us. Some had said, it was the only moment he laughed. But how could I have known? For since the day he departed, all I heard were stories, of wonders and dreads, and most recently, of hopelessness.


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