about the administration and self preservation.

Yesterday, May 8, 2013, the rain poured down on to the entirety of the city where I live in. It was a whole day affair, and unlike fortunes, it affects each and every one of city dwellers, big and small.


In such circumstance, automatically, the thought of flood… well, flood in. And yesterday it was quite extraordinary. When I went home from work, I saw that some parts of the roads that weren’t really prone to flood – which is a rarity by itself – were flooded. The condition of the roads, which under day light would look like the remnants of artillery bombardment, made the situation even more dire for commuters.


But there’s just no slot anymore to talk about the remnants of the artillery bombardment. And I sincerely doubt that there is any slot left at the back of our mind to talk about the flood. Nevertheless, in the spirit of venting, we have to vomit sometimes.


I vaguely recall that I talked to some people, who are regular travelers, about Jakarta and how Pontianak has become, more or less, similar to it. Indeed, but if Jakarta is like a print-job produced by a lousy printer, Pontianak is more like the copy of that print-job produced by a lousy refurbished copier machine.


I also asked them, what will the town’s interior look like in, say, 5 years or a decade to come. The general answer is, it will get worse. These people that I casually questioned are students, professionals, and business owners. None of them were civil servants, it’s quite interesting to see the dynamic in the level of confidence about the town’s future.


The town’s future… such a farfetched pile of stupendous words.


One aspect of my work requires me to accompany researchers (yes, those researchers are foreigners, just to amplify the point) to go to various governments offices and see some people there, people that I just couldn’t care less about. Now, I may have some strong opinion about certain issues around me, but when I’m working, I dress like one of them to enhance the sense of neutrality that we should represent.


It helped them to talk cordially, knowing that I’ll laugh together with them, not at them.


The results, were always eye openers.


Sometimes it is easy to pinpoint corruption as the backbone of the problems and ignorance we have around us, sometimes it is as jumbled up as the complications of ignorance, stupidity, culture, lack of facilities and knowledge, interests, lack of archiving, suspicions, twisted logic on the perception about what should be placed as priorities, and other spices that add to the toxic nature of the concoction that we have been drinking to drunk ourselves.


And we have been sleeping soundly with the occasional heavy cases of hangover. If ever we are sober, we would spend the time spitting on each other’s face.


After some tour to the offices and the governments installations, I only have this to say, to count on the administration to fix problems for us is like talking to an atheist about revelation, the act itself is utterly laughable.


It is only us now, alone, preserving ourselves, be it by ways of virtue or vice.


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