blackenedgreen, the samples…

I was distributing copies of handouts to a bunch of college students, then one of them suddenly retorted “but sir, it’s not good to use so many papers, it’s not good for our rain forest, you are promoting such bad attitude doing this.”


Have you seen the smog lately? I bet you have, but do you pay any attention to this phenomenon? I honestly doubt it. I’m not trying to insinuate that you are such an ignorant person, it’s just, like most of us, life takes the better of our mind away form the things that might be substantially important to us towards the things that we assume to be substantially important.

Money is important, but it can’t buy clean air, please do correct me if I’m wrong…..

OK, let me correct myself, we can buy cars with spacious and comfortable cabin, so we don’t have to breathe any filth when we are commuting. We can isolate every air intakes in and around our house, install air purifiers and air conditioners, and do everything through the interweb. And when everything is bad enough, we can take a hike on that airplane to some places more “humane.”

James Carville wasn’t kidding when he coined the phrase “the economy, stupid.” Well, he might have, but everything we do today is based on one single motif: the economy. And when we talk about economy, there’s no telling where’s the limit might be, I don’t think the sky is even enough.

So, no, I don’t think I am promoting anything. See those humongous billboards out there? Motorcycle’s producers are competing for breakthroughs in sales statistics. Just take your papers and read.


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