we’re screwed.

First of all, I’d like to re-convey the dubious fact that is sometimes condemned as heresy: we have been bred by none other than our fellow human being to be cultivated for our heart and soul, and the most intriguing part of it is that we have to pay with our heart and soul (which, in essence, belongs to them anyway) for every “effort” that they have done (“done” is the term in the contract, that is sometimes refer to the condition of pre-intention, if they care) to us.

Well, that certainly was a mouthful for such meaningless gibberish.

But here’s the simple list to bug the heart of anybody that is foolish enough to be sensitive:

– healthcare.

– medicine (obviously)

– domination of foodstuff and who to decide what to plant, to breed and the fact that no, dear farmers, you are not allowed to invent potion, if you do, we’ll take that from you thank you very much, file for patents for the entire part of the trash you’ve made, and sue your ass off the earth.

– emancipation of… humanity, go ahead slit my throat feminist, but ignorance is not exclusively yours to claim. We have so many movements these days, ranging from pro-Bono airheads to animal lovers, labor unions to share holder unions. The fact is, we hate each other, and we produced reactions. Each claimed to be civilized.

– thugs in high places feeling high and mighty, unchecked… while they are toying with toys, and the collateral damage that would sub-include, guess who: us.

– decadence wrapped in plastic case, with intricate designs on the package, backed by sophisticated marketing management, spans over the entire continents… and oceans while we’re at it.

– and some other things that I just can’t recall…

Nevermind, just remember that ignorance is bliss, so that you can sleep tonight, because your freedom only worth so much as your dependance toward the mercy of those bittersweet candies…


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