the way we are

Driven naturally by instinct

we huddle for comfort

until we stab each other out of fear that tickles right under our ribs


some of us don’t even know the meaning of paradox

nor do we care



the crossroad where once my fathers were

flashes of images of the old memories

of a hot day, bright sun

black and white.

and the hands hopelessly tangled to the lingering notions of gold

the old lady smiles perpetually on the white background that signifies her passing

under the greenness bought and certified by contracts

words slipped through our lips,

came from emptiness…

came from ignorance…


Where are you my lady?

I have no place to declare my allegiance

as instinct takes over

wisdom turns to an utterly idiotic joke

when fear is ignorance

when ignorance is fear

I see animals running with bent backs

hatred in their eyes

blades in their hands…

alas, the dark sun rises


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