About the assumption of truth, human owned: a sample

I wrote it twice or thrice before, and I’ll write it once again: there are about 6 trillion people roaming the surface of the earth, assuming that each and everyone of them is capable of thoughts, then there should be about 6 trillion version of truth.

In such environment determination on conviction is a good thing, at least if the only thing that you want to prove is the very fact that you are a man with an active humongous penis, an utmost importance in some “culture.”

But by all means, to be human we need perspectives, fragmentation and localization of thoughts would only bring itches. Inflexibility is one thing, but being so self absorbed within our own head, dragging other people in to our own stream of truth is like telling that every one that believes in differences should just die and be wiped off from the surface of the earth (Mars or Jupiter’s moon, Europa, habitable yet?).

These people are capable to the kind of thought where they assume that they can own other people in certain ways (“my people” or “people I know” syndrome), while one of the recognizable trait is the declaration: “my truth or none at all.” They exacted double standards, while completely oblivious to the fact of it!

They could own certain specification, not necessarily better, and in most cases, far from “virtuosity” but under the pretense that they are the best among the flock they demand “perfection” from others! And they put a blind eye to other people’s capabilities as irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what others are capable of, what matter is if others can do what he or she can do, or what she or he wants other people to do.

It is so easy for these people to focus or dwell within their own acts, giving the impression of studious diligence (they usually are, though one would wonder about the dubious results), and they usually would overlook the bigger picture while within their state of mind they are the master of the known universe (since what unknown is irrelevant).

They would also easily overlook their own weaknesses and casually put it out of consideration, and recognize other people’s weaknesses as utterly incomprehensible. They are bosses, never leaders. Would easily conduct casual conversations and drive it to their own whim. They talk to you, it’s a wonder if they ever listen. Utter pragmatists, they pick their own universe and throw anything else that do not corespond with it.

Thanks to their conviction, words of warn are usually useless, they would have surprising amount of arguments within their own arsenal or reasonings, easily repell any words and even fire it back. Read one book, do some deeds, and they would talk and act like they have walked the road somewhere over the Milkyway and beyond.

Usually in possession of huge amount of energy, one would wonder if they ever breakdown. The energy would be spent in strange ways, defying common sense. With it they move here and there, it’s exhausting just to see the prosession.

Nosy people, annoying to say the least. They could make good machinery though… (and please, by the love of Tom… and Jerry while we’re at it, I am not writing about religion related issue in particular).


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