About Indonesia’s Family Planning Program: Once Boasted Now Utterly Forgotten

Do I believe in love? Why… Indeed I believe in it! As much as I believe in Santa, Aslan, Gandalf, flying carpet, flying keris, flying sarong, flying Peter… Pan, and anything else that flies without the proper mechanism (wind, aerodynamic, propulsion and so on).

The problem, as some would say, is that I know perfectly well, that there was never an atom of Pan that existed in the flesh, not even on the latest movie release with all the enjoyable illusions and so forth. Mind this well romance and fantasy lovers, I never said I don’t believe them, I just know that they don’t exist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t have fun out of it.

Surely they are merely fragments of our imagination (or their respective authors to be exact). And what a wonderful thing imagination is, limitations are utterly futile.

And about those kiss-kiss, “bang-bang” that you’ve just displayed in front of me? We’re talking hormones here, automatically triggered genetical function to reproduce if you like. Or better yet, wanton sexual cravings for whatever psychological reasons. And as the wont of humanity in the difficult learning process, we seek reasoning to it (albeit our tendency to pick the unreasonable ones), and we call it love.

Then symbols sprouted – valentines, chocolates, heart shaped thingies, books, magazines, music, movies, you name it – retailers stalking some steps behind – never more than three steps at the most – and somewhere in a fancy office building, your love becomes nothing more than sales projection on some colorful charts.

– Blackenedgreen –

I suppose we have learned and quite often at that, one of the basic rules of economy: that mother earth can not sustain unchecked population growth, there should be reasonable limit to it for human to live their life in a relatively fullfilling manner.
new year's crowd
I can’t really recall when have I had that class… sometimes between junior and senior high school, both – according to the ever debatable, ever notorious Indonesia’s national education system – are regarded as basic level of education that every children of the nation should enjoy.

Which means, the concept about the limitation of Earth’s resources and the availability of space against unchecked growth of population and the devastating impact that it has on economy, should have been a basic knowledge obtained by our students since they should have been, well… basic.

This concept I deem is one of the root that people in power should hold when they should talk about solving this nation’s abundant problems, social, economy, legal, politic, even the innate ones such as the recently buggered moral and ethic.

But alas, Indonesian people of power are the people who are substantially incapable of wielding such power, the result of too many political bargains, plus their inability to admit their hopelesness, unlike some of their counterparts in Japan or Europe (no sterile environment themselves).

So the recently revived dialog about family planning on Metro TV wouldn’t have any effect, not even as much as a fart. And another news oriented TV station wouldn’t even bother about it, population is the only means to make gains on huge capitals, stories should go hand in hand with the politics of the owner of the respective TV station. Don’t get me wrong, I despise Metro TV for the same reason.

But alas when they “elevated” the issue of family planning, saying that free-wheeling-baby-making (my term) could be the bane for this nation’s existence in years to come, and also about how refocusing on family planning could help us ease some burden like food, jobs, resources (indeed the hillarious yet horrible tale of 3 kilos LPG packages), distribution of wealth (in my dream) and ultimately public facilities like roads and transports, it raises a question, what had happened with the family planning program?
amid the speed
Right, the present administration already have tons of baggage (their term) to deal with, but it’s their duty to deal with such issues (they’re the government for God’s sake), and by the look of it, it seems that they have been carrying the wrong baggage all this time.
Building more roads is the sollution to the unsolvable traffic problems? Building “better” roads is the more viable sollution, which has been made impossible by the culture of project sharing between the winners of election and their so called success team. Dare to talk green? Try to top the sales cap projection of motor and car dealers, thousands of vehicles per month, and we haven’t got to the point of how this particular sector has created jobs for large amount of universities graduates ever dreaming for those ever comfy, ever limited, ever shady civil servant positions.
parking lot
Actually there are so many absurd problem solving “acts” made by the government, mixed with absurd minds, and absurdly obvious reasons, that the people can clearly see but can’t seems to touch.
So the fall from grace of this wonderfull program in Indonesia – which has been exacted quite severely by China upon her own people, and lo! a success story – is no strange tale, it’s just politic.

Yet if we digress from all the negative thoughts – seems to be the only thing that we have in our mind lately – if we take family planning program to the center stage, behind it we’re going to see a more managable education system, which is essential if ever we want to talk about civilization, and ultimately the kind of education tailored in such ways that would easily relatable to our traits as a nation, not merely imported ones, which have been nothing but commodity in the hands of local franchisers and retailers (generalization folks! Don’t take it personally, I would have to say that there are still people of pure hearts out there… right).

And when I mentioned education, I am not talking formal schools per se, or any other kind of schools as institution built by funds from any party, I am also talking about the knowledge of humanity, the bitter lessons that should be learned the hard way, the ones that have always existed in the so called local wisdom, that human is not the center of the universe, once they start to think that way it becomes the cause of self inflicted destruction. True, perhaps, that presently you can hide behind your cars, huge houses and insurance, but on this round world the tide would go nowhere but on the surface.

Unless of course we can move and live in any other planet.
Sons and daughters, before you have the babies sprouted, please, I beg of you, by the love of King Julien, think!

Now, where’s the coffee?


2 pemikiran pada “About Indonesia’s Family Planning Program: Once Boasted Now Utterly Forgotten

  1. Kunjungan sesama blogger nih…
    Nice blog and good post sob!
    Ditunggu kunjungan baliknya nih di blog baru ane,
    dan jangan lupa tinggalin jejak di postingan terbaru ane ya sob…

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