Lagak Puisi 3


Darkness actualizes
I do not speak of the dawn of the age of fear,
or despair
I speak of the arrival,
the evening and the ensuing night
utterly austere you wouldn’t understand
“and the persistent bastard named this poem…” you said
The black unknown birds,
mere ugliness to your eyes
catching last traces of light.

I might choose to stand at the arching bridge measuring the unfit city from above,
from afar
but thought the better of it…
Too much fake enthusiasm wrenched my gut
Too many human
Flocking together
The unfit city
The breeding ground.

Are you there man?
I see nothing under the dark terrace of your wooden house,
and the pitch black room behind a hollow square that I mistook as door
sits a black soul and so many ghosts
or have my perception fooled me?
seeing hellish dreams instead of reverie

Beside the wasteland
Under the sky of blood
Upon miles and miles of brand new asphalt
and the eyes of earthworkers,
stabbing me with suspicion,

I spit smoke!


drowned within the liquid crystal
further from that glow that separates me from the rest of the existence
the self created, self sustained comfort
and i’m lying here at the very bottom

within silence
drifted away
drifted away

peculiar darkness calls you
subtle and sweet mellody that tells the story of rain
above the ancient forest
among fellow creatures that give you honey and blood

“what’s the nature of it all? vile or benevolent?” you asked
“by whose measurement?” she asked

and see her standing there
t’was her song
t’was her voice
the lady of the grove with the glint in her eyes
the dryad to command your utmost loyalty
lost forever in wild bliss

vile or benevolent?

don’t mind the stars
they are having banquet as we’re dancing under the canopy of magic
the utmost beauty
the wonder that provides life

within silence
by the riverside
not far from the dark cool water
you’ll see traces of me
and the corrupt shade
blackened green

drifted away
within silence


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