The Question is: Why do We Ask?

The utmost question of all is not really about the universe, it is not of how many stars would you find if you ever have the means to count the lots of it, it’s not whether she loves you or not, it’s not about the cure to all the diseases known on the surface of the world, it’s not about the space voyage, it’s not about the economy and the strife to banish the world from hunger, it’s not about asset management, it’s not about how to multiply your profit (although some of us praise the question like it has been predestined by Devine intervention), it’s not about anyone’s future, and it’s ultimately not about the meaning of life! Never has, never will.

Among all the triviality, beneath the paradoxes, above all that is meaningful and important, I began to assume, that after all the ultimate question is why anyone would bother to ask any question in the first place.

The innate impulse of survival indeed has been theorized and proven as the driving force behind the survivability of the species of men, and that is also the ultimate reason of the banishment of the other species. To take it bluntly: if reproduction and economy as the mean to sustain it are the ultimate factors of survivability, then all other questions would have no meaning whatsoever.

To ask is to sustain the reasoning, but the existence permeates the thoughts. So sustainability becomes the trend of the mind. I can’t find any reason to say that this is wrong, I don’t have the necessary real world capacity to judge anything.


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