I Know You!

“I know you!”

Well, everybody has the tendency to think that way, it’s a statement that can act as anything, whether self assurance or foolishness. It never really meant that actually “I know you”. Everybody know this self assurance thing, most of them just don’t realize it, until it turned in to self preservation.

But foolishness… is it not foolish to say that you know something when you don’t? To utter such claim is to send an invitation of questioning, that if the person concerned would even bother, and he can produce any kind of respond whatsoever to your answer, to your claim of you kowing him. The most dangerous kind is when he keeps himself in silence and smiles, that is ultimately the time when everybody can see that actually, you know nothing about him (apart from the very fact that you might know something).

Silence is the politic of choice here. Even if you are true, there’s no reason to say anything within the system that does not appreciate truth, or fact. Besides, nobody knows anybody, as Atticus Finch put it, you can only know somebody when you walk inside his skin.

Let me add to it, you can only know anybody when you have some significant part of your awareness extracted from you, instilled inside the awareness of the target while at the same time the awareness of the target is still intact, and with part of your awareness left in your own body you can observe him from your own perspective. In which way you might assume that you’ll get all the perspective you need to judge somebody.

And that might not be enough.

Since human have the tendency to make false judgement, you must conduct the same experiment to other people related to him as well, be it directly or not.

Even then I doubt that you have enough information to claim that you actually know somebody.

No, psycoanalysis and hypnosys wouldn’t help you there either, unless you managed to condust mass psychological engineering that renders the population incapable of its own thoughts (well, you always have television).

This is my defense toward independency of individuals. It certainly is wrong in some other contexts.


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