Pseudo Poetry: Lagak Puisi 2


ibu memeluk anak erat di dadanya
mata menatap kemana?
saat anak menangis
mata menatap kemana?

apa ada yang tidak kau mengerti?
setiap tanggal menemani matahari
apa ada yang tidak kau mengerti
saat anak menangis di dada?

kalaulah tuhan datang kepadamu
dan membeli buah-buah tak berharga di hadapanmu
berapa akan kau jual kepadanya?
berapa harganya?

juallah langsatmu 1 milliar dollar sebuah
juallah rambutanmu 1 milliar dollar sebuah
jika dia bertanya
katakan padanya kalau ini semua adalah sampah

jika dia marah
katakan padanya kau sudah biasa dengan sumpah serapah
katakan padanya kau sudah muak pada tabah
katakan padanya angin diperutmu membuatmu muntah

apa yang tidak ku ketahui?
saat mata menatap kemana
dan anak menangis di pelukan
apa yang kau nanti?

kebohongan hari?
kedatangan tambatan hati
dengan peluh hitam dan nafas nanar setengah mati
membawa janji janji nanti nanti


Can any impurities be refined?
Do you know the meaning of lies?
You should never answer me,
where your heart does not ache,
from the very thought of the words.
And for the sake of anything humane,
the bravery,
the splendor of success,
every man build his own throne and despises thoughts.
Then they deviced makeshift wisdom,
and sell it in books, tapes, and bundled gadgets.
Wealth from lies.
Before you know it,
you have become perfectly similar,
mind and character,
to the person next to you.
You have new missions.
Wealth from lies.


Sing the song of the dew
the pure ones that does not know the scent of human
shall I be a lizard instead,
and crawl beneath the fragrant green
never have a care of what the sky look like
i’d long be gone before the time’s ending
all the symbols deem meaningless
as i lay myself
in the soil’s embrace

sing me the song of the dew
the genuine tears of morning
none of sad
never a blind happiness
i stand here forever envy
in whatever form i may be
mortal flesh
immortal ache


it started as a premonition
this wonderous whimsy
of you and the golden arch
of the evening sky

tis be on the surface of the asphalt
softly and gently covered by the trace of rain
you broke my dream as your wheels
grinding the rude solidity above my shadow

beyond the spaceships
and the many celestial cows
floating above the edge of concrete abominations
tis despicable trace of blue

i can see you
the ancient eye that mocks us
the peasants of self assuming grandeur
the insult to the perfection of the everbeing

it be this heart
imprinted marks on my face
questioning promises
of my own making

now standing there
coat and all
madness in his head blade in his hand
slitting mine dreams til days end


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