Cerita Pendek: A Boy and A Wolf

One day a child was walking alone in the wood. He had no one to play with, for the other kids considered him to be too young to play with. He had no skill in marble, he had no skill in stick throwing, and he was easily bullied in castle game. So they sent him away and tell him to go back should he be old enough and brave enough to play with them.

So he walked alone in the wood, and it made him feel that he was actually brave. None of those older kids would dare to walk the wood all alone, they always pushed younger kids in to the wood, but he never saw any of them actually going alone into the wood. He decided that they might be just bullies afterall.

But suddenly he heard cracking sounds right next to him. As he turned his head he saw a wolf standing, staring at him. Instantly he remembered every story that every adults had ever told him; that a wolf is the worst, meanest, cunning animal anyone could ever found. Oh dear, what would he do? It is dangerous enough to run from a wild dog, and this was no mere wild dog, it was a wolf!

His grandfather once said that should he ever encounters a wild dog, he should dodge down, pretend to pick a stone, stand high, put his hand high in the air as if he means business about the stone. Should this fail to put the dog away, he should really find a stone, and really hit the dog hard.

So he crouched, and pretended to grab a stone, because actually there were no stone anywhere near him, just tender soil. But the wolf did not stirred, it kept on staring toward the boy. The boy was so frightened that he nearly cried.

Suddenly the wolf came toward him, and to the boy’s amazement, the wolf spoke to him: “why do you bend, boy?”

The boy, frightened and confused, did not know how to answer this question, so the wolf asked again: “did you just trying to scare me by pretending to grab a stone?”

“y… yes, but I was just pretending, honest!” said the boy quickly.

“but if you really had a vicious stone in your hand you wouldn’t hesitate to throw it at me wouldn’t you?” asked the wolf again.

“I suppose” said the boy, doubtfully.

“And may I ask the reason to that?” asked the wolf.

“Because you are a mean animal.” said the boy.

“How can you say that I am a mean animal? Asked the wolf again.

“Because the stories told me so, because the adults said so.” answered the boy.

“what stories have they told you?” asked the wolf.

The boy took the time to remember and then told the wolf every story that had been told to him by the adults and other story tellers. About the wolf that tricked the red riding hood, about the wolf that had blown away the house of the three pigs, about the wolf that constantly chasing the poor rabbit, about the wolf that would stroll around the village at night and prey on human.

The wolf listened to the story told by the boy patiently. After the boy had finished, the wolf asked the boy: “do you see that I am actually standing on two legs?”

“no” answered the boy “you walk on four, but I saw some dogs that can walk on two legs”

“Those are circus dogs, I am a wolf, I need all my legs to work together, I have no use of walking on two legs” said the wolf.

“true” said the boy.

“if I wear a beautiful flowery hood, could you ever mistaken me as your grandmother?” asked the wolf.

“of course not, even a baby could see that you are a wolf” said the boy, quite forgetting his fear now.

“do you really think that I have the room inside my chest that could contain so much air that I could use to blow even a small house?” asked the wolf again.

“no of course not” said the boy “the elephants are bigger than you, but they can’t put down houses on breath alone”

“have you ever eaten a chicken?” asked the wolf.

“yes, I have” answered the boy.

“Have you ever eaten a fish?” asked the wolf again.

“yes I have” answered the boy.

“why do you eat them?” asked the wolf.

“because I need food to live” answered the boy.

“don’t you think that I might also need food to live?” asked the wolf.

“of course you do, creatures need food to live” said the boy.

“so is there any problem with me hunting rabbits so I can eat them to keep myself alive?” asked the wolf.

The boy was thinking for a moment before answering “no, certainly not!”

“why, then, if I can find all the food in here, if I could safely catch a rabbit, and live my life quite happily, should I prey on men?” asked the wolf.

The boy thought of the answer for a moment, but he was too slow for the wolf. So the wolf said again: “men would come to our territory bringing traps, rifles and axes, men could easily kill us and flatten our home don’t you think?”

“I guess so, but I am not here to hurt you or destroy your home” answered the boy.

“I can see that you are no threat, and you should see now that I am no threat, for I much prefer a rabbit than a human, and I have had my rabbit.” said the wolf. The wolf then left the boy and ran deeper in to the wood.

Since then the boy would usually be found walking alone in to the wood. Some older kids saw him playing with a wolf, and feared him for that. They began to let him play with them so that he would let them play with the wolf, for they were afraid of the wood as much as they were afraid of the wolf. The older kids thought that by playing with a frightening creature, they can be feared by others.

But the boy knew better, to understand is to respect, and sometimes fear is necessary to keep every creature alive, that’s why the wolf was willing to play with him. The older kids did not understand this, they did not know how to respect, they thought bravery and conscience were two different things altogether. They hurt the wood; they hurt the wolf, and the wolf chased them out of the forest, with its vicious fang and its vicious growl!


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