There was once a charming princess who lived in a very beautiful city. Most curious was the city, for it lies above the cloud, flying, suspended amidst the air. Should one wish to visit the city, one should take a journey ride above a flying vessel, not a plane or an aircraft mind you, they would be too fast that you would miss the city along the way.

One day a very mean young warlock cast a very powerful spell unto the city. What’s more mean of it is that he did it merely based on his own whim, for he hated everything that is beautiful and joyous. The spell that he cast, brought the city down. Down, down over the mountain. Down, down over the forest. Down, down over the beach. Down, down unto the sea. Down, down in to the ocean.

Indeed, the mean young warlock made every single people who lived in the city drowned. You see, since they have been living above the cloud, they have never learned to swim. But the princess, who was taught well, and learned well, knew a thing or two about swimming, she even devised a very large bucket to practice swimming, and she made it quite well for someone who lived above the cloud.

So she swam and swam, until she reached the shore and passed out because she was utterly exhausted. The young warlock was very surprised to see that there was a survivor from the drowned flying city. He decided to capture her, put her on the back of a very filthy, giant bulldog. When they reached the young warlock’s castle, a very horrible, neglected castle I dare say, he put the princess in to a room which had only one iron door and one window that was so high that not even a the tallest man in the world could reach.

The young warlock kept the princess for one and two days without food and water. On the third day as the young warlock passed in front of the door, the princess spoke to him with a feeble voice. “Oh mean warlock, pray tell, why have you brought my city down from the sky, drowned my fellow people, and keep me here with scarcely any food or water?”

The young warlock paused for a moment, searching his thought, but could find no explanation in his dark mind other than this: “because I wanted it!”

“you can’t hurt people just because you want it.” said the princess.

“why not?” asked the warlock.

“because if you can hurt people just because you want it, then anybody else can hurt you just because they want to, and certainly, you don’t want to be hurt don’t you?” said the princess.

“but nobody could hurt me, I have power so great that I can pull down a city from the sky” said the warlock.

“but there will come the time when someone more powerful than you would come and defeat you” said the princess.

“but I will never loose, for I will practice harder and harder, so I can be more powerful than those who shall come and challenge me” said the warlock

“but how would you know that you are more powerful if you have never met, or seen, or heard of those who will challenge you?” asked the princess.

Again, the warlock paused for a moment. You see, he was so powerful that he could brought down a city from the sky, but he was quite dim-witted, for he had never thought of this kind of question before.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll just see when the time should come” said the warlock.

“And by that time you will loose” said the princess “you see, there are things more powerful than swords and spells.”

“there are nothing more powerful than swords and spells” said the warlock sternly.

“Oh, but there are. I’ll show one if you’ll let the door open for me” said the princess sincerely.

“Just tell me of this thing, and I’ll decide whether you should go or stay” said the warlock.

“But this thing that I mean can’t just be said, it is also must be shown” said the princess “you will fail to understand it in any other way”

“How powerful is this thing?” asked the warlock.

“Didn’t I tell you that it is more powerful than swords and spell?” asked the princess “because of this power that I am telling you, swords have been made and broken, spells have been made and broken, heroes have been made and broken, evil too has been made and broken.”

The warlock was so fascinated by what the princess had told him that he opened the door instantly, grabbed the princess shoulder and hastily asked “where, what is this power that you speak of? Tell me now!”

Instead of answering the warlock’s question, she kissed the warlock’s forehead and said to him in the sweetest sincere voice: “thank you.”

The warlock, surprised by the princess’ action loosened his grip on her shoulder. The princess then ran, ran away through the alleyway, through the forsaken garden, through the giant gate, leaving the warlock confounded and alone in the horrible castle.

Years later people found that the castle had become nothing more than piles of debris on the ground, and the warlock was nowhere to be found. Some said that a mighty spell had been cast upon him, and that it affected him miserably. He went away to the corners of the world to search for remedy. Had he ever found the remedy he seek? No one can tell.

But there were also others who said that the warlock missed the runaway princess so much that he took the longest journey he had ever taken, found the princess in a far away land, confessed his love, abandoned his mean ways, and live happily ever after.

However, since most people knew him as a powerful warlock, they decided that, indeed, there are things more powerful than swords and spells.



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