Personal Humiliation and Awareness

Perhaps some of us still recognize ethic as the consideration over our acts, even those which are self claimed ethic. In today’s world with many believes and vague common sense, even ethic has many variations. My friend has her own ethic that should be satisfied by people when it comes to her dog. Never trespass her dog’s territory, never bash (even gently as she said that it is not educative) or even speak harsh words to her dog even when her dog bite a human kid or barking insidiously in sleeping hours, when it comes to supper her dog must come first. Any human passing in front of her house should never do anything suspicious to her dog that will make it bark. As the huge puppy bark endlessly one day on a broom seller, who walked the area just once in his life, she asked me “what have these people done that make my dog so upset? Why are they so cruel to my dog? These rude people, don’t they have any ethic?”

It is useless to talk to people drowned in infatuation upon their own believes, even if I have some knowledge in psychology, which I don’t. I am not talking about discrediting the dog lovers, see when dogs and cats aficionados gathered in one place and watch them quarreling about the virtue of each animals. Let them speak about the ownership of other things, and watch how different they are on the same concept applied on different objects. This case is not exclusive to the world of domesticated animal, but in most every aspect of our life, grand or minuscule.

I assume that the amount of “some” who are still considerate about ethic only have abstraction of it left in their mind, the mind that are easily shifted from objectivity to subjectivity, and rarely the trace of its implementation in our daily life.

I really leave it at that, and shifted to the more general setting. I am a rider, I ride motorcycle everywhere not only that I am one of that strange people who would prefer motorbike rather than cars (considered to be an enigma in most part of developing Asia), but most of all because I am not financially secure to make any purchase on cars. One day I realized that human activity had shifted in pattern generally, under the force of economy every single human is forced to work inconsiderate of the factors, whether it is the distance or time spent doing it.

Every people who are in the phase of working as worker to other people, understand this scheme, where their life is spent nurturing the dream of others while making any possible earnings to nurture their own life. They will do anything to make it happen, to cut through time and distance, every possible facilities of human machinery are employed to reach the final goal, the assumed objective, money. As I am on my motorcycle.

There’s a day when I’m in the middle of the crowded street somewhere after midday, I looked at the sky and have this feeling of vintage space on an old photograph, where the tops of the buildings emitted the heat of the day pouring mercilessly from the lonely sky. On the asphalt, crowded human sprouting here and there with their machinery and stories too numerous to tell. It is easily observed that that the objects are separate entities, so separated they are that one of them is completely banished from the realization of the other.

Awareness, according to my limited assumption, is the result of two possible circumstances; utmost necessity, or freedom. Utmost necessity should not only be limited to economic issue, but also the complete package of human business that pushed them to surpass the existing limit. While freedom, is the freedom that surpasses the freedom with limited substance that would take human beyond unnecessary clashes of interests and the blind knowledge on rights and obligation.

As the awareness of common necessity blurred under subjective objectivity, and as mutual comfort is way under the rank of personal pleasure, chaos is underway, and we are left with the believe that every single things that we hold dearly are bound to doom. When I am on my bike, burning fuel and looked toward the sky I feel the sky is shifting away and creeping loneliness made me freeze even under the heat of the day. I don’t know if anybody else is feeling the same way.


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