In Defense of Indonesian AdSense Publishers

Some forums, web sites and blog sites authored by Indonesian have been buzzing on a single topic that has taken colors from the face of most Indonesian publishers, the blocking of AdSense. Before we proceed, it is worth remembering that in the past Indonesia has been the site of similar mechanism that put aside Indonesian people from most of the facility of Internet enjoyed by the entire world, save for some countries with certain kind of protective policy. The blocking of Indonesian credit cards, e-gold scheme and some other enterprises.

Now AdSense will be taken as well, it’s simply a slap in the face of any good natured web activists in Indonesia. But it is important to know the cause of the poblems and why it occured, and it will brings us to the fact that some of the offender of the AdSense’s Terms of Service are also victims to schemes brought by some swindler, even organized swindlers taking any chances to legitimize fraudulence.

As with all of the AdSense publishers, they would have known that there are guides and explanations about the program as well as Terms of Service in Google’s web sites in their effort to make the program as applicable as possible. One concept to understand is that the program is there for everyone to use, as long as it is in line with AdSense’s Term of Service, and nobody else’s.

However, it is in the nature of human in general to make any profit in any way possible even as it would contradict the rules applied. Seminars or workshops have been mushroomed in Indonesia lately, some with the honest purpose to take their fellow human to a higher level of possibility, but most have been simply useless or even held with shady purposes.

Samples of these workshops that have been shrouding the mass media in Indonesia lately is about taking profit from the Internet. Some pointed huge numbers to accompany their ad, some pointed to impossible numbers, some had been proved as fraudulence. Various schemes concerning AdSense had been laid out by these hoaxers, from clicking methods, link back, even using bad-wares of their own creations. Some of this fake workshops, seminars and schemes were held for the purpose of merely collecting money from the admission fee, some more evil schemes were used to profit the hoaxers personal on-line business. One report on a certain forum (although still need further verification) stated that they even made scheme that would increase the speaker’s AdSense impression.

Most of Indonesian publishers are still new in this AdSense enterprise, and some of them have problems understanding working English, so most of the information they’ve got about AdSense came from other parties. There are working forums that can be used by publishers in Indonesia to get informations around AdSense, but the pattern of thoughts in Indonesia have made seminars, workshops and schemes took the center stage, people in Indonesia tend to assume that any kind of seminars, workshops and schemes should have more legitimate position as a source of information. Some have never learned anything from the consumer based knowledge sprouting around the Internet, some have been fooled by new, more sophisticated schemes.

This defense doesn’t mean that that AdSense publishers in Indonesia are purely innocent, some are simply irresponsible, while some others are merely victims. But there are others who are trying to make a decent yet just profit from this program, and trying in any way they can to promote appropriate usage of AdSense. I believe that these decent publishers in Indonesia are grateful with this program, and could bring meaningful contribution to overall advertisement revenue worldwide.


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