Deja vu Porong

It has been two years since the mud came sprouting out from the bely of the earth, the surface was Porong, Sidoarjo, many people have been removed from their land, years of their life and pages of their history, millions of economic worth flew right in front of the people’s eyes, one question remain: who’s to blame?

Regional Police of East Java have submitted, for the fourth times, the case files to the high attorney of East Java district, it had been turned down before for the reasons of incompleteness and obscurity. The funny thing is that it has been corrected with the guide of the attorneys, where lies the incompetence when it has been rejected before the court? Or perhaps the case has been rejected beyond the reason of competency and comprehensiveness?

The culprit in the case is Lapindo, a rich mining company under the banner of Bakrie group. If you follow the current of Indonesian financial news, then you know that Aburizal Bakrie was crowned as one of the richest person in Indonesia, though he simply denied it. Mr. Bakrie in my opinion is a power that could affect the demography of Indonesia’s economy, whether he would admit it or not, and he is in the position where he can have all the sayings that should come to his mind, he is the minister of the people’s welfare, and the recent rise of fuel price was one of the result of his sayings.

If, by any fortune of the people, the case files be accepted and considered sufficient for the proceeding of the trial, there is no guarantee that justice be served. For one thing to prove that Lapindo is responsible for the disaster should be an utterly piling of paradoxes, and the bantering would last for the span of times that would last longer than the life of the people involved. Moreover, Lapindo is too precious for some people of power in this country, tickling its stance would mean an act of mockery to some who invested in it, and like Aburizal Bakrie, they are above the law.

For only on the land where its people gave earnest thoughts upon its law then the law is above the people. It has not happen in Indonesia as of late.

It is save for Indonesian not to make a hasty judgment upon Lapindo and all of its components, but news of mishaps have been circling among the people for years that the disaster should have been avoidable but the promises of fortunes sterned the heart of of the people with minds, and the gobbledygook dispersed. But men do have many means, and it is utterly possible to prove the happenstance as a force majeur as some scientists have been saying. Though there are sayings that the scientists are merely the tool of propaganda for the company.

Nevertheless, as far as the company and the government concerned, the deeds of pity (not responsibility) have been conducted, people are urged to take the houses offered in a complex by the company. 7000 houses have been prepared, about a dozen took the keys. This deeds, no less would have an effect to the advancement of the case.

It should be interesting for some people with abundance of energy to follow the stages of this case, but for some other, including me, it is a tiresome toil, and the result should be nothing less than predictable.


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